BDA's Live, Instructor-Led Class FAQs

You will find a link to "join" your remote class via Zoom on your BDA profile page under the "registrations" tab (direct link). This page will show you all the classes you are registered for and remote classes will have a URL for joining the class in the location area.


BDA Remote Class FAQs

What will I need to attend?
To attend one of our live online classes, you'll need a computer (or tablet) that has sound and ideally a camera. We will be using Zoom for the classes so if you're using a tablet, please be sure to install the free Zoom app prior to the class. If you are taking a class where you're learning software, be sure to review the software requirements of that particular class (on the class page). In most cases, you'll need the latest version of that software installed on your computer PRIOR to the class as well.

How should I prepare my computer for a remote class with Zoom?
First of all, we recommend that you use a desktop or laptop computer for your class instead of a mobile device like a phone or tablet. You'll have a much better experience with a "standard" computer. This is particularly true if you're taking a class where you're learning desktop software like our Adobe classes!

Be sure to download and install the free Zoom "client for meetings". You can find this on the Zoom website.

Once you've installed Zoom, we highly recommend that you test the installation by trying to "join" the BDA Test Meeting. This will both verify that your Zoom app is working and give you a chance to see how to join a meeting (class) and troubleshoot any issues you might have prior to the actually class. Please be aware that you are likely to be the only person "in" the meeting since it's only a test meeting.

While you're in the test meeting, please be sure to test your audio and video. If you're having any problems, the following troubleshooting guides should help. If you get stuck, feel free to write us at

- Troubleshooting Zoom Audio
- Troubleshooting Zoom Video

Will There Be Breaks?
You bet! There will be plenty of breaks during the remote class so you can refresh yourself, grab a snack or check in on other important things.

Is There Homework?
Often, our remote classes will use of the "flipped classroom" model where you'll read, watch videos, practice what you learn and other learning tasks that could be considered "homework" between classes so that, during the class session itself we can focus on engagement, questions and all the parts of the class that are interactive as part of the live, instructor-led format. However, we are respectful of your time and will only recommend tasks to be completed between classes that are truly valuable.


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