The Learning Experience With BDA

Based in the technology mecca of Boulder, Colorado for over 18 years, BDA leverages the world-class talent in the area so that our students can learn from some of the best instructors in the world! All BDA instructors are working industry professionals who have deep knowledge and real-world experience and insights in the subjects they teach. Many of our classes employ the "flipped classroom" approach where you'll learn and practice on your own so that there is more time for questions and interactive learning during the actual class sessions.

We Believe in the Unique Value of Live, Instructor-Led Learning

Whether remote or in-person in Colorado, all of our classes are taught live by our expert instructors - not recorded. This dramatically improves your ability to focus and enables you to interact with the instructor and the other students to recreate the best parts of classroom learning. You can get your questions answered, engage with the other students or dive deeper into a topic. It also furthers our goal of empowering the creative and entrepreneurial community by bringing people together to create opportunities for collaboration, mentoring and simply meeting like-minded people.

A Modern Alternative for Learning Practical Skills Quickly

We are here to help you learn specific new skills quickly throughout your career or creative process - just what you need, when you need it. Since we are not a school or academic institution, our classes and workshops are open to anyone regardless of your age, profession or background with no admissions requirements. As a non-academic organization, our sole focus is providing great learning experiences. We don't test or issue degrees or academic credentials. You can take any class at any time on any subject and in any sequence. How refreshing!

We recognize that everyone's learning style is different and that some people need a more hands-on approach than others so we offer our training via the following three different types:

Boulder Digital Arts Training Types

Live, Instructor-Led Classes

BDA's high-impact yet affordable classes include two and three-hour workshops, all-day classes, and intensive certificate programs. All classes are taught live (not recorded) by experts and focus on practical skills you can use right away.

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Recordings Of Past Classes

High quality recordings of past workshops and special events available for immediate streaming or download for those who can't make our regularly-scheduled classes. Since they're downloadable, learn from our world-class instructors while you're in the middle of nowhere!

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Private Training & Consulting

Our world-class consultants can provide affordable customized training or consulting in all things digital, from strategy and marketing to creative execution from video production to mobile app development - all tailored to your specific needs.

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Why Choose Boulder Digital Arts

Proven Track Record

Boulder Digital Arts has a proven track record of providing top-quality training for digital professionals for over sixteen years. We've helped thousands of people just like you!

Learn Practical Skills Quickly

Our classes & workshops are efficient and powerful. By focusing on practical knowledge and skills, you get top-notch instruction in a short period of time.

Learn from Industry Professionals

Being based in the creative, tech and startup-rich community of Boulder, Colorado allows us to leverage the world-class talent in the area, offering our participants some of the best instructors around. All our instructors are working professionals who have deep knowledge, real-world experience and expert insights in the subjects they teach.

No Academic Red Tape

As a professional resource organization, we don't have to be difficult like a school. Sign up online in minutes with no admissions or complicated bureaucratic hassles. If you've ever had to work with a traditional academic institution, you will appreciate our simple transparency and dedication to great customer experiences.

Great Value

We have always strived to keep our classes & workshops affordable as part of our mission of empowering creative professionals with training and resources.

Simple, No-Interest Payment Plans

Anyone can take advantage of our super-simple, no-interest payment plans for any class or bundle of classes over $400. Learn more about our financial aid options.

What People Are Saying

"BDA is THE place to turn to for professional development. You can't find classes of this caliber, at these prices, anywhere else - not even close."Alyson Miller, Partner, Venture Growth
"BDA training gives students the practical skills they just aren't getting from traditional academic experiences. To be honest, we have been very disappointed by the lack of portfolios or work experience in recent college graduates we've hired and encourage those looking for jobs to get more real-world skills through something like BDA." Doyle Albee, President and New Media Practice Director, Metzger Associates
"When I took similar classes at the local community colleges I quickly realized that I knew more than many of my teachers! They seemed out-of-touch with the current technologies and trends. The instructors at BDA really know what they're talking about because they are true professionals not just teachers." Catherine McCormack
"BDA helped give me the skills I needed to work on professional projects - including the documentary "The Cove," which I helped edit, and has just won an Academy Award!"
Mike Scalisi

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More Details About our Training Formats

Lecture-Style Workshop

These are our most affordable training programs, designed to introduce a subject quickly and efficiently. Students can take notes from the instructor's computer screen, as well as follow along on their own computer.

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Hands-On Class

One or multi-day hands-on classes that are designed for students to follow along with the instructor using their own computer, or depending on the class, video production or digital photography equipment. For maximum impact and the best student experience, all hands-on classes are limited to no more than twelve participants. Our Hands-On Classes are the perfect way to gain extensive knowledge!

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Certificate Programs

BDA's Certificate Programs provide participants with a wide range of knowledge and skills within a particular discipline. They emphasize practical knowledge and skills with a project-based learning approach that combines engaging lectures with hands-on practice. Every Certificate Program has a clear and concise outcome for students and is designed to provide maximum value in a relatively short period of time. A certificate of completion is included for every participant. Learn more.

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Private and Group Training & Consulting

Boulder Digital Arts provides customized training, professional development, and consulting across all digital disciplines with our team of experienced industry experts. Whether you need to get new employees up to speed quickly, assist your staff transition from one software tool to another, or benefit from the deep technology and creative insight of our experts, BDA has you covered, whether it's for one person or your whole office.

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We've been empowering Colorado's creatives, tech and marketing professionals with affordable and practical-skills focused training for 16 years! We invite you to join our community today.