Duotrigordle Game

Fans of Wordle who want a more challenging task will enjoy the word puzzle duotrigordle, which is harder. You won't have to guess just one word anymore instead, you'll have 37 chances to get 32 different words right. You can only type one word at a time, and the screen will show a total of 32 different boards. You have to look at the boards one block at a time and use the different colored suggestions to find as many correct words as possible. Come to duotrigordle to show off your best online scores.

How does the card game called duotrigordle work?

1. Pick a letter from the alphabet at random and type it in the first spot of the word. Please use the keyboard provided at the bottom of the grid. The letter will show up at the same time in a total of four different words.

2. Type the first five characters, and when you're done, press the "Enter" key. You have to keep adding words until the whole board is filled. When you get every word on the board right, the board will be locked and you'll move on to the next one.
3. A quick look at the color indicators will tell you how close you are to getting the color right. If you find green tiles, it means you have found all the letters and put them in the right order. When there are yellow tiles, it means that the right letters were chosen, but the tiles were put in the wrong places. Some of these tiles are missing the letters needed to make this word, which makes them look gray.
4. Keep scrolling down the page until you can see all 32 blocks. There will be 37 chances for you to find as many words as you can by getting them right.
5. When you're done with all of the puzzles, you'll be able to post the answers on the website.


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Created: 4/4/2023

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