Social Media Marketing

What You'll Learn

Social media is just as important as advertising and public relations, if not more so, for many organizations. It's a critical component of search engine optimization (SEO) and web marketing campaigns. It's also one of the few legitimate ways your business website can get a massive amount of traffic and links without spending a lot of money. Web marketers who use social media skillfully have a massive competitive advantage over those who don't.

Don't be left in the dark! If you've been hearing a lot about social media (sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube), and you want to understand more about it before diving in deeper, this class is a perfect overview. It will cover the basics of social media from business / marketing perspective, with an emphasis on Facebook - and it will leave you inspired and confident in how to better use social media to promote your own brand or organization.

This workshop will cover:

  • Social media basics and why it's important
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Best Practices

Who Should Take This

Anyone who's curious about using social media to increase visitors to their website but needs a big picture overview of social media sites and strategies.

Presented By Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor has been involved with the Internet since the beginning and is widely recognized as an expert on both technical and business issues. He has been published over a thousand times, launched four Internet-related startup companies, has written twenty business and technical books. A professor at the University of Denver where he teaches graduate courses on digital marketing and media & society, he holds both an MBA and MS Ed. Dave maintains two active Web sites, Ask Dave and his GoFatherhood parenting blog, as well as a popular YouTube tech channel AskDaveTaylor. Dave is an award-winning speaker and sought after conference leader, workshop speaker, panelist and judge.

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Hopefully this can bring more business to our hair salon.Clara
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Comments For: Social Media Marketing

This class was very helpful and fun.Elizabeth on 3/7/2015
I was so impressed with Dave Taylor! What an incredible teacher! He was engaging, dynamic, funny and very informative. I intend to take his certificate class, hopefully later on this year.Alexandra on 3/4/2015
Dave, the instructor, is super knowledgeable.anonymous on 12/8/2014
Thanks for offering an affordable option to learn social media marketing.Kathy on 10/28/2014
Learned a lot. Very valuable content & knowledgable teacher.Leslie on 10/28/2014
Very informative!Matthew on 10/28/2014
Absolutely valuable - Lots of good ideas!Michael on 10/14/2014
Excellent class!Robin on 10/14/2014
I am social media incompetent - this was a great info resource.anonymous on 7/24/2014
This was a very informative and helpful class. Most of the major social network options were covered and the level of detail was appropriate. An advanced session would be a nice option!! Renee on 10/30/2013
Dave is an amazing teacher. He moves quickly conceptually, while still giving a really good number of specifics, perfect for an overview class such as this. My eighteen-year-old daughter attended with me, and we both a lot of really useful information! T.G. Lewis, filmmaker and inventorTom on 10/30/2013
I'd like to transition from customer service to social media marketing at my job and now I know how to sell this idea to my boss. Dave is super smart and clear. Very up to date on a topic that changes so much.Alison on 10/29/2013
Hopefully this can bring more business to our hair salon.Clara on 10/29/2013
I gained knowledge on how to combine the various social media sites.Brian on 10/29/2013
Great overview. Gave me more confidence in the different media, and good ideas.Suzanne on 10/29/2013
Dave made it seem very manageable to jump into the world of social media. I am excited to get started.Victoria on 10/29/2013
This was hugely informative and really gave excellent steps for using the major social media sites.Renee on 10/29/2013
Dave has it down!Bob on 10/29/2013
Dave is great, very helpful.robin on 7/22/2013
Dave is very knowledgeable and an authority in this topic area. He teaches with humor, which is very helpful.Shingo Sean on 7/22/2013
It is good to hear ways to use social media for business. [The instructor] was very friendly and informative.Erica on 7/22/2013
Engaging speaker, excellent pace.Michele on 7/22/2013
Well taught, very informative.Robyn on 7/22/2013
Excellent overview, useful info. Very knowledgeable guy.Carol on 4/29/2013
Lots of good information about a variety of social media sites. I appreciated his many personal stories and industry anecdotes.Craig on 4/29/2013
Very well organized. He knew his stuff, and didn't go down rabbit trails.robin on 4/29/2013
Priceless! I always enjoy Dave Taylor's presentations - he's so funny. I love that he doesn't take himself (or this business) too grimly or seriously.Nadia Eve on 4/29/2013
A lot of info was pertinent, especially the blog portion, it helped us understand how we should be using it.Emily on 2/13/2013
The class demystified the general structure, function, and purpose of social media sites.Liza on 2/13/2013
As I'm getting started it gave me lots of ideas and a framework for strategy. Dave was funny, upbeat, and informative.Nikki on 2/13/2013
It was informative, engaging, and left me feeling excited.Jessica on 10/1/2012
It helped reinforce the things I'm already doing, plus giving me a push to use other tools.Casey on 6/27/2012
Helped tremendously in providing tips, insights and caveats into what to consider when setting up my business social media account in a smart way.Nadia Eve on 6/27/2012
Helped tremendously in providing tips, insights & caveats into what to consider when setting up my business social media account in a smart way.Nadia Eve on 6/27/2012
Wow, this was an incredibly helpful class, so informative, [the instructor] was incredibly knowledgeable. This gives me a great start and has helped me get excited about using social media.Hannah on 6/27/2012
[The instructor was] very personable and responsive to the needs of the class.Kathryn on 6/27/2012
Dave is really good, engaging, on point and organized.Steve on 4/18/2012
Fabulous overview. Dave is very knowledgeable, helpful and thorough.heather on 4/18/2012
I learned a lot more about social media and how to market myself.joanna on 4/18/2012
Great overview, great anchor points.David on 1/16/2012
Dave was great!Pam on 1/16/2012
Very valuable information. Good to have explanations for what you took for granted with social media.Sam on 9/26/2011
Excellent and succinct information that I can apply tomorrow.Tony on 9/26/2011
The instructor was very knowledgeable, personable and entertaining.Jen on 9/26/2011
It was very informative - I learned a lot.Emma on 9/26/2011
Excellent material.Cheryl on 9/26/2011
The class gave me much more info on LinkedIn and Google+, and the instructor was very good.Bobbi on 7/25/2011
Game me a better idea on how to properly use social media.Jorge on 7/25/2011
Dave gives practical insight to social media in an easy style with local flavor.Joe on 7/26/2010
Dave was very engaging and open to side discussion while staying on track.Deborah on 7/26/2010
I'm very new to using this concept and applying it to the business of a state agency, lots of good ideas for starting out.Katie on 7/26/2010
Showed new ways to utilize sites for my business pages.Morgan on 7/26/2010
Dave is very knowledgeable and has lots of "how to" examples.Todd on 7/26/2010
Very informative and well presented.Jerry on 7/22/2010
Good content, Informative, Speaker knowledgeable in field/topic.Lynda on 4/28/2010
Great primer on nuts and bolts of major social networks.brad on 4/28/2010
Very interesting context. Great explanation of Social Networks.Deborah on 4/28/2010
It was a very informative class. Understanding engaging people verse directly spamming them was one of the key ideas I pulled from class. Dave seemed to be a very knowledgeable and effective communicator.Rick on 9/24/2009
Really good class that taught me a lot I did not know about Facebook, my website, blogging and Twitter. This will help me stay up to date with the current marketing trends for my business. Thanks.Thomas on 9/24/2009
Thanks for all the useful info!Jessica on 6/12/2009
Dave Taylor is a wealth of knowledge!! Fabulous class on the ins and outs of marketing with social media as well as market trends, research and studies. Dave, an expert in his field, gives a fabulous presentation from which all levels can benefit. Thank you BDA for offering such a great class!Alison on 6/11/2009
I thought it was very worthwhile and learned a lot!Lisa on 5/29/2009
Wow! I'll probably take it again and again. Super helpful.Marie on 1/31/2009
Brett is a brilliant and enthusiastic instructor who keeps the class moving with an avalanche of important information. Follow this series of classes to move from clueless to informed and empowered. I study this stuff everyday and Brett is a true ninja. Highly recommended!Ted on 12/30/2008
This was a terrific class. Brett Borders is an excellent teacher. He covered an amazing amount of material in a short time. Very helpful.Catherine on 9/18/2008
This was a fast-moving, fun overview of Social Media and their huge marketing implications. Very valuable to our boutique PR firm. Really enjoyed it. Bob Wells, Lennox Communications, BoulderBob on 9/18/2008
It was a great class and he covered a lot of ground!Deb on 9/18/2008

Chapters for Social Media Marketing

Chapter Name Start Time (HH:MM:SS)
Intro 00:00:00
Agenda 00:01:29
Why Do People Buy? 00:05:12
Facebook and Basic Principles 00:14:57
LinkedIn 01:28:41
Twitter 01:55:58
Pinterest 02:15:24
Instagram 02:20:30
Google Plus 02:30:30
Youtube 02:32:38
Wrapping Up 02:40:12


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