Introduction to Audio Mixers

What You'll Learn

Have you ever looked at an audio mixer with all their sliders, knobs and flashing lights and wondered where on earth to start?

Knowing how to use a mixer properly can make the difference between a well-recorded sound track and something which is distinctly substandard. Even if you're brand new at audio recording, using a mixer won't be hard and it will give your sound a professional touch. In some situations where your production requires many microphones or sound sources a mixer is absolutly essential such as recording 3 or 4 live speakers or filming people at a conference.

This 45 minute video will give you the knowledge you need to approach any mixer and the the skills you need to create a great mix with it! You'll learn:

  • What is a mixer and why would you need to use one?
  • Powered vs. unpowered mixers and "phantom power"
  • Using the master volume control and common other volume controls (headphones, alt mixes, etc.)
  • How to monitor your mix and use the meters to avoid distortion and overdriving the signal
  • A detailed breakdown of the common controls found in each individual "channel strip" (trim, volume, eq, balance, etc.)
  • Explanation of "auxillary sends" and how and why they're used
  • An overview of some of the other common "bells and whistles" found on some mixers (sends/returns, tape in/out, etc.)
  • How to hook up a mixer and some background on balanced vs. unbalanced cabling

Presented By Alex Bullen

Alex Bullen

Alex Bullen is an independent music producer and sound mixer based in Boulder County, Colorado. Through his 12 years of production experience he has specialized in turning raw audio into a final product. He has created thousands of minutes of custom music for a variety of projects, from "webisodes" and film shorts to full-length music albums. Alex loves helping others learn how to create great-sounding audio tracks, how to read music, and how to properly utilize modern A/V technology.

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Chapters for Introduction to Audio Mixers

Chapter Name Start Time (HH:MM:SS)
Introduction 00:00:04
Powered vs. Unpowered Mixers and Phantom Power 00:01:02
What is a Mixer and Why Use One? 00:02:11
Master Volume Control 00:03:04
Monitoring Your Mix with the Meter 00:03:54
Additional Volume Controls (headphones, alt mixes, etc.) 00:07:50
Individual Channel Strips 00:12:00
Auxillary Sends and Returns 00:24:46
Bells and Whistles (sends/returns, tape in/out, etc.) 00:28:54
The Back Panel (more inputs and outputs) 00:34:53


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