Fundamentals of Typography

What You'll Learn

Typography - the selection and design of text on a page or screen - is one of the most important elements of any visual communications, whether print, video, web or interactive media. Great typography makes the difference between a look that is just "acceptable" and a design that is truly pulled together and professional.

Type design is key to conveying brand and personality. Producers spend hours listening to voice talent to select just the right personality for the spoke word. Type has the same power for the written wrod. It literally creates an emotional response, just like tone of voice.

It is also critical to design type well for readability and communication. Research shows that bad typography takes longer and requires more effort to read and comprehend. Poor type design has even been shown to negatively affect the reader's mood.

In this workshop we'll start with the basics and help you build skills to get your type on track.

This workshop will cover:

  • What "good" typography really means.
  • Best practices for selecting and combining typefaces.
  • How we read - legibility and why it matters
  • Anatomy of a letterform
  • Classifying typefaces for mood and purpose
  • Designing with weights, styles and color
  • How type alignment and size impact design
  • Kerning, Tracking, Leading and other details that make all the difference

What to Expect:

  • This is a lecture-style workshop, but we'll do some fun interactive exercises to help sharpen your skills.
  • This workshop is ideal for those who work with type but are not graphic designers by training, such as editors, animators, interface developers.
  • This workshop is not intended to cover software specific skills for setting or animating type, the material we'll cover is essential no matter what application you are working in.

Presented By Marya Read

Marya Read

Marya Read has directed and produced countless corporate and educational videos, TV spots and multimedia campaigns during her more than 30 years in advertising, marketing communications and production. Her career has ranged from creative direction at global ad agencies including Grey Worldwide to directing production and content teams at The Diversity Channel. Marya serves as SeniorCreative Director at People Productions. She has overseen production and campaigns for clients including Medtronic, Cochlear Americas, U.S. Department of Education, Microsoft, Avon, Marriot Hotels and many others.

Marya's early years as a art director/graphic designer, with a B.F.A in visual communications, has fueled her ongoing passion for type and graphics across all types of media.

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Chapters for Fundamentals of Typography

Chapter Name Start Time (HH:MM:SS)
Introduction 00:00:00
Typography is What Language Looks Like 00:03:58
History of Type 00:09:43
Anatomy of Typography 00:14:14
Contrast of Type 00:28:37
Letter Spacing and Kerning 00:32:16
Line spacing and Leading 00:38:39
Alignment 00:41:30
Color of Type 00:51:39
Type Classifications 00:56:59
Using Type in Different Kinds of Media 01:13:04
Best Practices for Choosing and Pairing Type 02:03:05
Complementary Typefaces 02:10:06
Question and Answers 02:35:42


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