AI And The Future Of Design

What You'll Learn

This workshop is designed for designers, artists, creatives, independent business owners, entrepreneurs, social media managers, and content creators with little to no technical background who want to learn how to practically implement Artificial Intelligence for graphic design, fine art, and/or marketing purposes. We will focus on how generative AI systems allow for a range of multimodal content, specifically imagery and text. The workshop would be hands-on, small-project based, design-centric, and with a focus on the following key areas:

  1. How Generative AI works + Case Studies

  2. The Craft behind Prompt Generation

  3. Inpainting + Outpainting

  4. Ethical and legal considerations

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Get results from AI - fast

  • Use the best tools for content creation and productivity

  • Apply OpenAI in your design, art, and marketing

  • Identify key DALLE-2/ChatGPT features and limitations

  • Identify potential challenges and opportunities when using DALLE-2/ChatGPT

  • Analyze examples of how creatives and businesses are integrating DALLE-2/ChatGPT in their marketing.

  • Integrate DALLE-2/ChatGPT into your marketing and design plans

  • Assess strengths and weaknesses of various approaches to integrating DALLE-2/ChatGPT


Participants should come prepared to use their own laptops or tablets to make the most of hands-on activities. As the platforms we will be using are web-based, please create a free DALLE-2 and ChatGPT account in advance at and respectively. Participants should also purchase at least $20 in usage credits for these services as well, in order to get started with the programs.

Who Should Take This

This workshop is designed for designers, artists, creatives, independent business owners, entrepreneurs, social media managers, and content creators . While the concepts may seem advanced, the content will be accessible with the delivery aimed at those with little to no experience, yet high interest, in using these platforms.

Presented By Chris Carruth

Chris Carruth

Christopher is an artist, technologist, and educator, who has been a Teaching Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder (CMCI, Information Science) for over 10 years. He draws from an interdisciplinary background in information science, digital culture, participatory design, and critical pedagogy. His current research interests, and practice, are related to the promise + peril, of an increasingly technologized world, with deep-learning and large-language models (Generative AI) being a key thread of interest.

BDA Members


BDA Members: $199.00

Non-Members: $249.00

Available Dates

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