FREE Intro to Adobe Captivate for eLearning

What You'll Learn

Adobe Captivate is a powerful eLearning creation program. Captivate allows users to create eLearning simulations, modules, virtual reality projects and more with one simple app.

The best part? Adobe Captivate is SCORM compliant, so no need to wonder whether your content needs to be SCORM compliant or not. If you're creating in Captivate, you'll have peace of mind in this regard.

Because of its versatility, Adobe Captivate exports to a variety of Learning Management Systems. As a creator, you can export .mp4 files or HTML5 files for eLearning.

Although this sounds like an overhwhelming amount of stuff to learn, creating eLearning content in Captivate is simpler than you can imagine. In fact, you'll find that time flies when using this app, because it's so much fun!

Why Use It?

Online learning is becoming increasingly important - particularly in recent times as learning moves from in-person, classroom-based education to digital and remote classes. Captivate empowers anyone to create engaging eLearning materials for their different audiences, be it students or employees.

In addition, Adobe Captivate allows you to create learning simulations, in which your students can follow your screen capture as you go along. Simulations are some of the best ways to deliver instruction to people, as they're able to copy your movements as you go. The best part of a simulation is that it's exportable as video. That means, most people don't need any extra equipment to push play.

Using Captivate, you can also create modules that are fully "responsive" so that your modules scale elegantly to any screen, be it desktop, tablet or phone which is essential for the best user experience.

There's much more this program offers and we encourage you to check out Adobe's website to read about all the features.

What Will Be Covered In This Introduction?

This FREE introduction is designed to be an overview of Captivate and how it can be used for eLearning. You'll get an overiew of the app, some examples of how it's used and a quick demonstration of how easy it is to use.

By the end of this intro class, you'll know if Captivate is something you want to use for your eLearning projects and, if so, you can consider taking our 5-hour hands-on intensive course on using Captivate!

Who Should Take This

Anyone interested in getting into online learning.

Presented By Cassandra Huidobro

Cassandra Huidobro

For over a decade, Cassandra (Cassy) Huidobro, used her skills in the field of Learning and Development to facilitate and create training materials for Corporate America. She went on to create Miranda Park Learning as an extension of her own professional practice.

As online courses become more of the norm in instruction and education, Cassy delves into the world of eLearning by creating modules and simulations.

Her passion in instructional design includes written materials, for which she uses Adobe InDesign, training videos, for which she uses Adobe Premiere Pro, and eLearning, for which she uses Adobe Captivate.

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