Hands-On Digital Photography Introduction

What You'll Learn

Learn the basics of using a digital camera at home, at work, or traveling, whether you have a point-and-shoot with some features or a fancy new DSLR. This intimate, laid-back, and non-competitive class will teach you how to use your new camera - or make better use of your existing camera's features.

With a mixture of lecture and hands-on photography, this class will cover taking photographs and setting up a digital photo workflow. You must take some photos before you come, but we'll also shoot during the day.

  • Part 1 - Getting to Know Your Camera and the Most Important Settings
  • Part 2 - Shooting with your New Skills
  • Part 3 - Post Processing Overview, Tips, and Final Questions

After shooting, we will overview the most important steps in the the editing process. The steps will be demonstrated with a variety of common software choices (iPhoto, Lightroom, Aperture, Photoshop etc.). You will receive feedback, tips and management techniques based on the widely accepted ASMP Best Practices website and book as well as exposure and composition help.

Notes About the Schedule

  • At the start of class, I will be gathering experience information and equipment from those who are attending. Actual class and presentation will start around 9:30am.
  • Around 4:30pm we'll start wrapping up the equipment and have a Q & A session that could last until 5pm.

Please note that for this specific class on Saturday, February 24th, the class will be held 11AM - 6PM. Please bring a sack lunch and we will work and learn through lunch! Feel free to email info@boulderdigitalarts.com with questions or concerns.

Equipment for Class

  • Please bring your camera, cables, memory cards, laptop, and everything that came with the camera, especially the manual! Every camera model is unique, and if we can't solve a problem, we can look it up!
  • You may bring your own computer for this class, but it isn't necessary unless you have specific photo editing questions to bring up or you want to review your shots from the day before class ends. If you don't have a portable computer, you can rent one of our iMacs for $50. However, it is the photo processing techniques that are important to grasp and the instructor will demonstrate them on a variety of common software products. This section is more demonstration than "hands-on."

Who Should Take This

Photographers who are just starting out and hobbyists/amateurs who want to get better. Many take this class soon after or just before getting a new camera. You should have either a DSLR, Mirrorless interchangeable lens, or a point-and-shoot camera with priority modes (M,A,S,P). Contact BDA if you are not sure about your camera.

Presented By Steve Gandy

Steve Gandy

Steve Gandy is an educator, trainer, technology support professional and life-long photographer. Steve has introduced the ins-and-outs of digital photography to students young and old since 1995 and has been involved in education since 1978. His photography is varied but he focuses on nature, travel, and sports. Steve has contributed to training books and websites on Photoshop Elements, StarOffice/OpenOffice and other educational topics. He leads photographic tours to the southern Utah canyon lands.

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BDA Members


BDA Members: $149.00

Non-Members: $169.00

Available Dates

February 24, 2018 / 11AM - 6PM

In Boulder Location


Can't make this time? Click here to follow this class to be notified via email next time we schedule additional dates.

July 14, 2018 / 9 am - 5 pm

In Boulder Location


Can't make this time? Click here to follow this class to be notified via email next time we schedule additional dates.

Customer Comments

Great job explaining complex concepts - very effective communication.Sue
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Comments For: Hands-On Digital Photography Introduction

The class was very well organized. Steve covered a lot of information with us in a very engaging way. The material was well presented and easy to grasp. The class was extremely helpfulKathi on 7/24/2016
Great class on all the technical stuff needed!Jana on 7/9/2015
I learned so much. Steve was awesome. Perfect teacher.Aly on 10/24/2014
Good learning experience.Gina R on 8/13/2014
Most defiantly of value to me. Enjoyed the instructor, most defiantly! He was great! Explained perfectly and made it relevant.Anna on 8/13/2014
Excellent, very informative, well explained. Steve is patient, clear and has great activities. lEarned so much in the first 2 hours, wow! BDA rocks! Looking forward to more classes in Denver.Kimberly on 8/13/2014
Great value to me. I actually understand how to use my camera now and I'm not afraid to use the other settings on my camera.Lauren on 8/13/2014
The instructor was very helpful and I have a way better understanding of technique, what to do in different scenarios and different lighting.Keli on 6/22/2014
Really great info, great hands-on class, de-mystifies photography.Jordan on 6/21/2014
[After taking this class] I feel more confident knowing about what my camera can do. The instructor was very insightful and patient in answering all our questions and making sure we were confident.Fatma on 6/21/2014
Our instructor was very personable, professional and knowledgeable in the field of photography. I feel I learned today and would take additional courses taught by Steve Gandy.Michelle on 6/21/2014
I needed to get the basics to move forward with new equipment, the class was great!Karen on 8/16/2013
Good amount of content for beginner, good balance of detail/specifics to hands-on. I feel like I know enough to practice, now.Jenna on 6/15/2013
Best photography 101 class ever! Steve breaks down the information and explains it extremely well.robin on 6/15/2013
Great info. Just the right amount. Steve is a good educator - I like his way of distilling info to simplest form.Beth on 6/15/2013
Steve was very patient and knowledgeable.Amy on 6/15/2013
This class made it easier for me to apply my video experience to still pictures.Jonathan on 1/5/2013
Great help understanding my camera! Lots of great insights and tips!Kathy on 10/13/2012
Great course! Stellar instructor!Alexandra on 8/25/2012
[The instructor] was great! Excellent information - clear and understandable. Many great tips and ideas!Pamela on 8/25/2012
[The instructor was] very sharp, clear and patient.Susan on 8/25/2012
Great job explaining complex concepts - very effective communication.Sue on 8/25/2012
Very hands on and informative.John on 6/12/2012
Great instructor and facility.Carol on 6/9/2012
Great crash-course on the basics of the camera and elements of composition.Seth on 3/13/2012
Extremely valuable - helped me grasp basics of digital photography. Instructor was very informative and fun.Nicholas on 3/10/2012
Excellent overview of the vast capabilities of digital cameras and editing software.Stephanie on 3/10/2012
Learned so much about my camera! Robert was wonderful.Mike on 12/3/2011
enjoyed getting more familiar with my camera and learned some new tricks. Bob is very knowledgeable and appears to enjoy teaching, making for a fun class.Jess on 12/3/2011
I have learned enough to enjoy experimenting with my camera. Prior to the class, it was a struggle and I was missing out on so much. Now it is fun!Deborah on 9/10/2011
I feel much better about being able to use my camera effectively as a result of this class. The instructor was friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and experienced. His explanations of camera functions were very clear.Dara on 9/10/2011
Helped me a ton!Bethanny on 9/10/2011
Good class flow, very interactive.Kim on 1/8/2011
Wonderful teacher - very patient but not too slow or tedious. Great balance - covered wide variety of topics very well.Rachael on 1/8/2011
Loved the class!Kelly on 1/14/2010
Even if you have a fairly efficient workflow established, guaranteed you would still learn plenty from Mark Johnson’s Photographer’s Workflow class. From the very first topic in the class outline I was learning new ideas to implement and tricks to tweak what I was already doing. I was a bit confused by Bridge so I was still using iPhoto for my workflow. Mark explained Bridge and enough about the RAW converter that I went straight home after class and changed my image capturer. The balance between instruction and Q&A makes the class time fly by and the three-hour course was filled with many Ah-Haa moments. Everyone has their own learning style but I found that engaging fully in the class with Mark, not concentrating on note taking so much, and using his eBook offers the greatest learning experience. Even though Mark goes through the material at a very good pace, there is still a lot one can learn and some of it may not stick in the gray matter after a few days or weeks pass. Thanks again for the class and the learning environment! Bobbie on 4/27/2007
Mark is a fabulous instructor! If you want to push your Photoshop skills to new levels, take the time to participate in all his workshops!cheryl on 4/26/2007
Excellent Photoshop tips, great hand out and visuals!john on 1/13/2006
After a few other Photoshop classes and hours of working in it, this still illuminated many areas!Marvin on 1/13/2006