Maintaining Your WordPress Website to Prevent Hacking & Data Loss

What You'll Learn

Note - This class is designed for people who manage a self-hosted WordPress website and are familiar with general WordPress concepts, such as posts, pages, categories, and media. If you do not have a WordPress site or are just getting started using WordPress, we recommend you take WordPress for Beginners before this class.

Did you know that outdated WordPress versions, plugins, and themes can leave your website vulnerable to attack and cause broken functionality? Do you know how to effectively backup both your WordPress database and uploaded files? Do you know how to recover from the "white screen of death" if an update fails or breaks your site? Do you use basic security on your site including two-step login authentication, updated encryption salts, not using admin as the user name, super strong passwords, VPN over wifi, and basic security plugins?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, this three-hour hands-on workshop is for you!

This workshop will take you step by step through:

  • Creating a new administrator-level account and deleting the old "admin" account.
  • Enforcing strong passwords for all users.
  • Correcting server file permissions.
  • Enabling a firewall and limiting login attempts via a security plugin.
  • Updating your login encryption salts.
  • Updating your plugins, theme, and WordPress safely and what to do if an update "breaks"your site.
  • Changing your WordPress database prefix.
  • Setting up regular backups.
  • Enabling two-step authentication to your login page.
  • Avoiding insecure WiFi logins by using https or a VPN.

You will need to come to class with your laptop/WiFi enabled computer. If you do not have a portable computer, you can use one of BDA's iMacs for an additional charge of $23.

Be sure to bring the following to class:

  • WordPress Dashboard administrative username and password
  • Web hosting control panel login to use the File Manager and view server backups
  • FTP login (optional if you have your hosting control panel login)

Please note: is different from is only for blogs and non-commercial sites. BDA's workshops cover

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Who Should Take This

WordPress users who need to make sure their sites are secure. You should already have a site up and running before taking this class. New to WordPress? Then take our WordPress for Beginners - How to Run Your Own Site/Blog before jumping into this class.

Presented By Angela Bowman

Angela Bowman

Angela Bowman of and has been involved with internet technologies since 1996 when she became a member of the online tech support team at Quark, Inc. After learning about WordPress at BDA, she became a full-time WordPress guru, serving individuals and small-to medium-size organizations. She stretches the boundaries of WordPress by making extensive use of its built-in features combined with judicious use of plugins and creative CSS. Angela will help you think outside the blog box by helping you understand the nuts and bolts of WordPress and to endlessly customize your WP themes.

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BDA Members


BDA Members: $69.00

Non-Members: $89.00

Available Dates

August 17, 2017 / 6pm - 9pm

Location: Boulder Location (Details)

Boulder Location
1600 Range Street, Suite 100
Boulder, CO  80301

This is BDA's headquarters located at Arapahoe Avenue and Range Street in Boulder (approximately 52nd and Arapahoe) on the northeast corner of Range and Arapahoe. The building is .6 miles east of Foothills Parkway, and .25 miles west of 55th Street. Range is the street that is between the stoplights at Conestoga and Commerce. Parking is available all around the building.

Customer Comments

She made a dry topic interesting and fun!Val
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Comments For: Maintaining Your WordPress Website to Prevent Hacking & Data Loss

Angela is top notch, in her mastery of the material, the organization and pacing of the class, her ability to answer questions and teach things clearly, her attention to students needs, and her obvious enthusiasm for teaching.Chris on 4/10/2015
Angela did a great job of providing concise and relevant information about securing and backing up a WordPress instance. I enjoyed the quick pace as well as the accurate information. It was nice to be able to follow along on my own laptop to reinforce the concepts being taught. I look forward to taking other courses offered by Angela at BDA. Thanks for a great experience!Cheryl on 11/7/2014
It was a great experience! The teacher was able to provide technical information and real-world experiences. The attendees of the class were of all levels, and with that said, the teacher was able to accommodate everyone's needs. I will be attending more classes, especially if Angela Bowman is teaching.Kimberly on 11/7/2014
Yes! I learned a lot about implementing the proper security measures. Angela is very informative and interactive! Great Class!!anonymous on 11/6/2014
I love that I receive info I can put to work right away. She gives specifics that I appreciate, she presents clearly, concisely, and is well-prepared.Diane on 9/25/2013
Most excellent.Arlan on 9/25/2013
She is awesome, extremely knowledgeable.Brenda L. on 9/25/2013
Knowledgeable and enthusiastic!Daniel on 9/25/2013
Extremely valuable and a great tie in with the E-mail Marketing, SEO, and Blogging classes.Nadia Eve on 4/15/2013
I learned a plethora of valuable information.Karen on 4/15/2013
The material related directly to issues I face on my WordPress sites.Kumara on 9/10/2012
I learned several things that will be very important to implement on ANY WordPress site. Instructor Angela Bowman is sooo knowledgeable and helpful!Heather on 9/10/2012
Great content! Instructor Angela Bowman is excellent, very knowledgeable.Cheryl on 9/10/2012
Angela is incredibly knowledgeable. A very good overview of possible security risks and steps to take to avoid them.Betty on 10/20/2011
She made a dry topic interesting and fun!Val on 6/1/2011
This class was invaluable.Lindsay on 3/9/2011
This class has alerted me to the many ways I can secure my WordPress site. Angela did a great job presenting the material and was very open to feedback and questions from the group. I had no idea how many plugins, etc were available to enhance the security of a WP site. All in all I found the class very worthwhile. Melody on 3/8/2011