Full-Time, Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp

More information and registration available on the CodeCraft website.

What You'll Learn

Presented by our sister organization, CodeCraft School of Technology located at Boulder Digital Arts.

This is an intensive, full-time 12-week bootcamp designed to prepare you for a career in web development! All students must apply and be accepted by CodeCraft.

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MEAN Stack

This Full Stack Web Development bootcamp teaches the incredibly popular MEAN stack, which is a modern, 100% JavaScript-based approach to web development, and is very high in demand within the coding/tech industry. One of the great things about JavaScript is that it can be used to write both client side (front-end) code and server (back-end) code, making it easier and more efficient for our students to learn the "full stack" by leveraging ONE language instead of multiple languages, as you would have to do if you were learning another "stack" such as Ruby on Rails.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The program covers the following languages, tools, and technologies: HTML/HTML5 and CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, SSH/FTP, jQuery, Node.js, React.js, Express.js, MongoDB, SQL and persistent localized data storage, Bootstrap 3, Git, Amazon Web Services (AWS), MVC, Heroku, Batarang.js and Yeoman.js. In our industry the tools and technologies change constantly. Therefore, we're passionate about teaching our students how to be a programmer, rather than simply mastering a particular technology or language. We teach our students how to think like an experienced programmer so they are successful in crafting elegant solutions to any application requirement, regardless of the current state of tools and technology.

Dedicated to Our Students

At CodeCraft, the instructional team closely monitors every student's progress each and every day so nobody is left behind. Students who need extra help are guided with one-on-one support. And, we have two instructors for each class and the cohorts are limited to only 20 students making them much smaller and more personalized than most bootcamps.

Career Focused

During your bootcamp we'll be connecting you with a variety of industry peers from mentors to recruiters and fellow developers. Having a strong professional network is key to a successful career transition whether you're looking to join a company as a junior developer or launch your own app.

Who Should Take This

Students don’t need to have programming experience or a computer science background to succeed at CodeCraft. But you do have to demonstrate that you’re ready to take on a challenging and sometimes humbling 10 weeks with the required motivation, dedication and positive attitude! When you apply we’re not just evaluating your technical skills and aptitude but we’re also making sure that you can complete our program successfully.

BDA Members


BDA Members: $10,500.00

Non-Members: $10,500.00

Available Dates

July 3 - September 22, 2017
More information and registration available on the CodeCraft website.

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