Drone UAS Test Prep for FAA Part 107 Exam

What You'll Learn

Have you heard the Federal Aviation Authority's Part 107 UAS certification test is not an easy one to pass? It's true! It requires in-depth knowledge of a whole host of FAA regulations in regards to commercial UAS operations as well as general aviation knowledge. Reading and understanding a TAC or sectional chart is tricky and can take time to master. How to determine the airspace you'll be operating your UAS in is critical to safe and legal operations. In this course we will review test questions, sectionals, and other information that pertains to commercial operations of UAS under FAA Part 107.

By the end of this two-evening workshop, you will be much more comfortable with, and have a better understanding of, the material that the FAA requires for you to pass the Part 107 test.

This Class Will Cover

  • Lecture review of Part 107 regulations
  • Hands-on review of TAC/Sectionals
  • Reading/Understanding Weather, NOTAM, TFR bulletins and where to find them
  • Review of tricky Part 107 test questions
  • Airspace, how to determine airspace and procedures for operating legally under Part 107
  • Tips of the trade. We'll cover the various resources available to the Part 107 FAA Certified Commercial UAS Operator like the Authorization and Waiver request portal, the documents you should carry with you in the field, and how to interact with the general public or any law enforcement.

What to Expect

The course is part lecture and part hands-on open discussion (mostly focused on reading of Sectionals/TACs). The average amount of time required to study for and pass the Part 107 test is about two to three weeks. You should come to this course having already spent enough time on the study materials (online, printed, etc.) that you are getting many of the test questions correct, while still probably being thoroughly confused while reading sectionals/TACs.

Who Should Take This Course

Anyone may take the course and all are welcome - however, you will get more out of the course if you have immersed yourself in studying and not just beginning to study. If you're a videographer or photographer who wishes to utilize UAS imagery you obtain for commercial use, or if you're an aspiring UAS operator wishing to enter the rapidly growing UAS industry, then this class is for you! Again, this two-night class is geared towards those individuals that have been studying hard for the test (and are possibly getting close to their exam date).

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Available Dates

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