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Betty Taylor Design / Ladder Creative
BDA member
4/1/2009 Print Design
Freelance Illustration and Design
BDA member
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9/27/2013 Illustration
Irina Ratsek
BDA member
2/1/2017 Print Design
Kelly McCormack - Adobe Certified Instructor - Web Design
BDA member
6/21/2008 Web Design
Meg McConnell - Design + Communications
BDA member
9/12/2017 User Interface Design
OnPoint Presentation
BDA member
5/22/2009 Illustration
Studio Signorella
BDA member
10/18/2006 Print Design
Teresa Hartford, Group Publisher & Creative Director SGB Media
BDA member
12/5/2016 Art Direction
10 Pound Gorilla 4/19/2012 Web Design
10101 Studio, LLC 10/9/2009 Print Design
3G Graphics 8/8/2006 Print Design
Alan Dague-Greene 1/12/2006 Typography
Alaze - Alain Suel 1/9/2006 Print Design
Alice Weir Design 5/7/2008 Print Design
Alloy Design, Inc. 3/29/2011 Illustration
Ana Balzan / LIGHTHOUSE Graphics 3/1/2011 Print Design
Andrew Snider Creative 4/25/2015 Art Direction
Anni Wildung, Dissimo LLC 7/6/2009 Print Design
Anthem Branding 7/17/2017 Print Design
Armgardt Design 9/8/2007 Web Design
Ars Logo design 4/12/2006 Web Design
Audience Development Specialists 2/4/2010 Print Design
AZENCE: Graphic Design that Captivates 11/11/2011 User Interface Design
BASIS Marketing, Inc. 3/9/2009 Print Design
Baza Design 2/21/2011 Web Design
Be Creative 10/15/2008 Print Design
Becky Heavner 12/10/2007 Illustration
Belt Collins West 1/11/2011 Art Direction
Beth Skelley Design 11/12/2009 Print Design
BigWow Displays 1/22/2010 Print Design
Black Tulip Design 12/4/2008 Print Design
BLUEMiGHTY CREATIVE 1/20/2006 Print Design
Blues Creative 6/10/2011 Art Direction
Blues Creative 6/10/2011 Print Design
Blues Creative 6/10/2011 Web Design 9/18/2009 Web Design
CabinPress Studio 1/2/2009 Illustration
Camilla Rees, Strategic Communications Counsel 11/2/2008 Web Design
Cartoon Illustrator for Hire 8/1/2013 Illustration
Casadei Design Studio 8/7/2006 Web Design
Char Campbell Graphic Design 8/25/2010 Print Design
Chelsea Brady Design Studio 9/3/2009 Print Design
Christie Mayer Creative 3/28/2014 Art Direction
Cloudburst Design Studio 2/9/2009 Web Design
Cloudburst Design Studio | Boulder Web Design 3/23/2010 Web Design
Complete Branding Solution - Logo Design, Stationery Design, Flyer, Website Design 9/15/2017 Web Design
Core Design Works, Inc. 2/5/2007 Print Design
Dallenbach Design 5/9/2008 Print Design
Dan Colgan 5/3/2013 User Interface Design
Dave Flegel 6/8/2010 Print Design
Dean Allan Design 2/8/2008 Art Direction
Dean Olson / Graphic Design :: Production 11/4/2012 Print Design
Digital Events Film, Motion, Design 3/14/2006 Art Direction
Dujour Baby 11/14/2004 Illustration
edsteindesign 10/11/2006 Print Design
eLaw+ Attorney Marketing & Lawyer Web Design 4/2/2013 Web Design
Epicenter Creative 7/13/2009 Print Design
Erica Whitcombe 10/30/2009 Print Design
Erin York 4/16/2009 Print Design
esseW Studios/Susan Williams 1/25/2008 Illustration
evolutioneyes design // graphic design / web design / branding 9/12/2012 Print Design
evolutioneyes design // web / print / branding / project management 9/17/2012 Web Design
Falcon Reid Design 9/30/2011 Print Design - DJ Forest - 3/12/2007 Web Design
Ghost Productions 4/21/2017 Web Design
Gloria Wadzinski Graphic Design 6/30/2011 Print Design
Gloria Wadzinski Web Design 9/21/2011 Web Design
Graphic Design Assistant 4/25/2014 Web Design
Graphic Designer / Marvin Design LLC 7/30/2013 Art Direction
gravity girl graphics 9/17/2008 Print Design
Greg Friedrich 3/24/2014 Print Design
Gretchen Gad Fournier, Corporate Communications (Meetings & Incentive Travel) 2/17/2015 Print Design
Gretchen Garrison/Creative Director 10/16/2012 Art Direction
Hamsa Design & Arts 11/24/2008 Web Design
Hari Baumbach 5/31/2014 Web Design
Hirschmann Design 2/4/2008 Typography
I Design Things 5/2/2013 Web Design
Ike Wheeless 1/19/2008 Print Design
Indra's Net 3/4/2010 Web Design
Inspire Graphic Design (Web/Identity/Print) 1/8/2013 Web Design
Inspire Media Studio 3/28/2012 Print Design
Jamie Stroud Freelance 10/12/2010 Illustration
Jason Reid 9/10/2008 Print Design
Jenny Goring 6/20/2005 Print Design
JI Designers 3/19/2014 Print Design
JMTurley Illustration / Dixon Cove Design 3/9/2011 Illustration
Joe Rohlman 9/1/2007 Print Design
John Adams/Pure Art 1/19/2006 Illustration
Karen Steenekamp, Freelance Graphic Designer 3/26/2013 Print Design
Kaya Systems LLC 7/19/2007 Web Design
Kelly DeCharles 8/10/2011 Print Design
Ken Hoke/Creative Director 11/4/2012 Art Direction
Kim Stone | Blank Slate Interactive (Print Design) 10/5/2009 Print Design
Kyle Locke Design 4/20/2006 Art Direction
Laura Quam 1/13/2009 Print Design
Lightspeed Commercial Arts 7/16/2010 Print Design
Lisa Brusino / 20+yrs exp. 7/30/2013 Print Design
Logo Cluster - Custom Logo & Web Design Company 10/18/2017 Web Design
Mark Bogani 1/12/2008 Illustration
Mary R Shaub 10/10/2007 Art Direction
Melissa Beckwith Designs 10/12/2016 Print Design
Mike In The Box Graphic Design LLC 10/9/2013 Illustration
Moxie Sozo Graphic Design & Advertising 1/30/2008 Art Direction 4/21/2010 Print Design
NADIAeveCREATIVE 8/16/2012 Print Design
Nancy McLaughlin Design 1/17/2014 Print Design
Niya Christine 8/30/2006 Web Design
Oblique Design - Graphic Design & Interactive Media 5/19/2006 Web Design
Origin Graphic Design 7/6/2009 Art Direction
ParksGroup 2/20/2008 Art Direction
Pixelply 11/16/2009 Web Design - the design studio of Patrick Sandoval 8/23/2006 Illustration
Q Digital Studio 1/30/2006 Web Design
red grass 4/24/2007 Print Design
Red Wall Communications, LLC 10/14/2009 Print Design
Respond Grafiks 5/12/2008 Print Design
Richard Keep 7/15/2010 Illustration
rising creation 6/24/2009 Print Design
Saffron Design, LLC 8/25/2008 Web Design
Sara Slocum 2/19/2008 Illustration
Sidewalk Cafe Design 10/12/2007 Web Design
Sites and Beyond, LLC 2/4/2009 Web Design
Softvative Inc 11/19/2008 Web Design
Soulive Design 12/2/2015 Art Direction
Strijek Design 4/13/2007 Web Design
Studio Rosso 6/4/2006 Print Design
Sunlight Graphics 7/24/2012 Print Design
T-shirt Designing software-inkyROBO 10/25/2016 User Interface Design
Tara Pederson 9/22/2008 Print Design
Terry McCutchen 12/1/2007 Illustration
The Wolfe Pack, Inc. 2/14/2007 Art Direction
Third Class Design 5/10/2007 Print Design
Timothy Foss Illustration 9/1/2010 Illustration
TOMOLINI 2/7/2008 Illustration
twopups studio 2/6/2006 Print Design
Web design and Devlopements Company| Mindlogics 5/29/2014 Web Design
Webmuseart and DigitalDrone Studios 7/12/2006 Web Design
Well Translated LLC 9/27/2010 Print Design
Westworks Studio 7/8/2010 Print Design
Wil Design Graphics 9/27/2010 Print Design
Wise Penny Marketing & Design, LLC 3/15/2012 Print Design 10/25/2011 Print Design