Getting Started with Adobe InDesign, Part 1

Characteristics Of This Class:

Design brochures, newsletters, catalogs, books, and other multi-page documents with this industry standard page layout program.

Adobe InDesign offers much better text formatting and image alignment than your average word processing program, and it integrates beautifully with Photoshop, Illustrator, and other Adobe applications.

This workshop starts with creating a file and getting to know the InDesign workspace, followed by working with text and graphics.

This workshop will cover:

  • Creating and saving files
  • Creating and modifying text
  • Creating and manipulating graphic objects
  • Placing graphics from other sources
  • Using color and swatches
  • Working with smart guides
  • Simple paths

Once you've taken this workshop, you can continue learning with Getting Started with Adobe InDesign, Part 2, which builds on the basics introduced in this offering.

Presented in Adobe Creative Cloud, but most of what is taught will apply to earlier versions of the program.

Who Should Take This:

Anyone who wants to be a graphic designer, or create brochures, catalogs, books, and other print media. It's perfect for designers transitioning from PageMaker, Quark, or entry-level word processing software tool.

Edward Popovitz

Edward Popovitz

Edward Popovitz has been a designer and educator for 15 years. He has worked on such diverse projects as editorial spreads for Dallas Magazine to creating 200-page self-study for an accreditation committee. He has served on a board of AIGA Colorado for the last five years and have art directed the production of the student magazine Point. He teaches at the Art Institute of Colorado in the Graphic Design Department. In 1999 he jumped on the InDesign bandwagon and never looked back. Whether producing single page pamphlets or 200 page catalogs InDesign is his program of choice for type and page layout.

A wonderful resource for our tech savvy community. I took the InDesign Workshop and though some of it was a bit more advanced for my level, I look forward to applying the new skills I learned from the team at BDA!

Denelle, 9/22/2014

The instructor was - thorough, funny and i'd love to learn more from Edward.

Christine, 9/19/2014

Awesome instructor! Was able to keep my attention the entire time.

Carol, 6/13/2014

This class was a nice overview and introduction that made InDesign much less intimidating.

William, 6/13/2014

Great intro. Moved fast enough to get lots of info without long time on unimportant info.

Megan, 10/4/2013

Such a great ID introduction. Erica is a great teacher!

Katy, 10/4/2013

Experienced Adobe use, beginner at InDesign - Great intro.

Kira, 10/4/2013

She is very knowledgeable.

robin, 10/4/2013

This was exactly what I was looking for! Great introduction to InDesign.

McKenzie, 5/16/2013

An incredible jump start.

Victoria, 5/16/2013

Lot of info in 3 hours!

Blaine, 5/16/2013

I learned more in this evening than I have in other classes that I've paid much more for. :)

Dawn, 5/16/2013

Clear and concise information.

Sharon, 3/1/2013

Erica Gamet knew her stuff and provided clear, articulate instructions.

Nick, 3/1/2013

Very informative. Great instructor, light and professional.

Ingrid, 2/28/2013

[This workshop] helped me understand a complicated program. It was great!

Vanessa, 5/22/2012

Rapid paced yet clearly presented in a logical order.

jamie, 2/16/2012

Very helpful, easy to follow, great notes to take with me.

Claire, 2/16/2012

Erica is great. Moves quickly - keeps it interesting.

Donna, 9/1/2011

Erica is very knowledgeable and quite capable of explaining things clearly and intelligently. Her grasp of the application and of the field of publishing is thorough and her teaching style is organized yet light and humorous. I wouldn't hesitate to take another course with Erica. I enjoyed her very much and I walked away feeling confident that I could master InDesign.

Nicole, 6/23/2009

Good, quick overview of InDesign as preparation for more in-depth class.

Michelle, 6/22/2009

Great comprehensive class! A lot of useful tools and tips that are good for InDesign and other Adobe products.

Gabriel, 4/23/2009

Great class. I enjoyed it very much and the instructor as well. I look forward to taking the second class in May!

Kellie, 4/4/2008

Erica is a very good presenter adept with the tool, concise speaker, focused, and funny. Thanks for the snacks and drinks. Thanks for providing the materials and resources for us media folks, BDA.

Jeff, 7/17/2007

Learned a lot in a short time. It was a bargain.

Heidi, 2/7/2007

I needed to make the switch from Quark to InDesign - this helps.

Heidi, 2/7/2007

I thought the instructor came across as knowledgeable,helpful and personable. Sign me up for part two! Thank you, Candace

Candace, 2/6/2007

Great overview of InDesign - lots of information presented in a very well organized way. Expert tips offered in the course, and in Q&A after the course. Erica really knows InDesign through and through, and moves through the material methodically and authoritatively. Highly recommended!

Steve, 2/6/2007

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