Landscape Photography

What You'll Learn

This 3-hour class is a comprehensive presentation that will cover all the essentials necessary to capture incredible landscape photographs. Whether you're new to landscapes or quite experienced, when you leave this workshop, you will have enough photographic factoids and philosophy to make your next venture outside a successful photographic endeavour.

The first hour will cover: Essential Techniques
Exposure: light metering, values, contrast, histogram, zone system concepts, aperture, shutter speed, and iso. Sharpness: the physiology of sharpness, how the eye and the lens sees, resolution, focus, contrast, depth of field, tripods, image stabilization, focus stacking and more.

The second hour will move into: Visual Aesthetics and Equipment
How to approach and photograph different types of landscapes, in different seasons, scale, point of view, qualities of light, and time of day. We'll go through an exploration of color theory, color temperature and white balance followed by 360-degree awareness, equipment selection, macro, wide angle & telephoto techniques.

The third hour will explore: Photography as the Art of Seeing
How does photography teach us how to see? We'll explore composition, achieving balance within yourself and with your subject, beauty, impact and how to get your audience to see what you want them to.

What To Expect

  • This is an intermediate-level workshop that is perfect for non-beginner photographers who are looking to develop more skills and techniques around landscape photography. As such, this workshop is not for total beginners. You must have a basic idea of how to operate the basic controls on your camera.
  • This is not an outdoor, in the field, hands-on class but a lecture-style workshop.
  • A review of student work is not a part of this workshop and this class will not cover nor endorse what brands of equipment to buy.

Please arrive on time, as we will start with a full head of steam at the top of the hour.

Who Should Take This

This is a class for any photographers looking to learn about - or know more about - landscape photography. If you still need basic camera instruction and are not comfortable shooting off auto settings, we suggest registering for Hands-On Digital Photography Introduction

Presented By Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Chris Brown has been practicing photography in Boulder for over 40 years, specializing in medium and large format landscapes. He was the first photographer in Colorado to receive a commission in the Art in Public Places program, for his series "The Hydrologic Cycle: Studies of Water," housed at the University of Colorado, Boulder. After making Cibachrome prints in the darkroom for 10 years, Chris became enthralled with digital inkjet printmaking, and how has prints in numerous public, private and corporate collections, including the Denver Art Museum, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

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BDA Members


BDA Members: $69.00

Non-Members: $89.00

Available Dates

May 17, 2018 / 6 pm - 9 pm

In Boulder Location


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Customer Comments

I really loved the Landscaping photo class and the instructor! He was extremely well prepared, organized and knowledgable.Marion
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Comments For: Landscape Photography

Chris Brown (Landscape Photography) did an excellent job for us. He is an expert in his art and craft, engaging and passionate about the subject. The class was great. Just what I was looking for.Mark on 1/20/2017
I really loved the Landscaping photo class and the instructor! He was extremely well prepared, organized and knowledgable.Marion on 1/19/2016
I greatly enjoyed this class! The instructor was friendly, knowledgeable, and clearly very passionate about landscape photography.Katie on 9/27/2015
This class was a good one. It was geared for beg/intermediates and Chris Brown provided a lot of good information. He talked about what he carries for his sessions, about camera settings and filters, about possible mistakes easily made, and about the ethos of photography. Leslie on 6/18/2014
I enjoyed this class very much, the instructor was actually inspirational!anonymous on 6/13/2014
Just the right balance of review and new material. Loved the class and the instructor!Bonnie on 6/13/2014